Glutamine – The Overlooked Amino Acid

By Veronique Perron | Contributor

Many active people have included protein in their post-workout supplements but have not taken the time to look further into the details of which amino acids are included in their supplement. Some people do not really know what difference this makes either. This article will help fitness enthusiasts gain better recovery time and energy to help them achieve their goals by informing them of the overlooked amino acid: Glutamine.


Over 61% of the skeletal muscle is glutamine.

It is especially metabolized during endurance and strength training. In short, this amino acid will help you burn fat, grow muscle and recover from your intense workouts.

Why should I include it in my current supplementation?

 If you are a fitness enthusiast who exercises on a regular basis, including a lot of strength training, glutamine will benefit you in many ways by:


                stimulating the release of growth hormones which will help rebuild muscle

          speed up the muscle recovery time

          help reduce d.o.m.s. (delayed onset muscle soreness)

          enhance your immune system

          decrease sugar cravings


Several studies suggest that supplementing with glutamine after an intense workout can enhance your immune system to help recover from the stress of the exercises, potentially preventing your risk of overtraining. Since heavy weight training can also induce your body to digest its muscle to obtain more glutamine, by supplementing orally you can help prevent catabolism. Thanks to this, the fitness industry tends to nickname glutamine the “Anabolic Amino Acid”.

Glutamine is most beneficial when used within 20 minutes post-workout. For best results, combine the glutamine to your post-workout protein shake. You can also mix in the glutamine with water or juice if you do not take a protein shake. Read the labels carefully to find out how many grams you should take per day. On average, one dose is approximately one tablespoon (5g). Some medications may interact with it so always ask your doctor first.

Used in conjunction with your strength training this powerful anti-catabolic supplement can produce great results in strength and accelerated fat loss.

If you train hard and consistently, this should definitely be a consideration to you!



Véronique Perron is a Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist and founder of Force Majeure Fitness in Canada. She is also a published fitness expert and cover fitness model who is continually researching new methods to promote healthy lifestyles. For more information visit: 


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